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Wales - Aberdovey Golf Club

Aberdovey is without doubt a living testament to the unique characteristics of links golf. Playing golf here is much more than just a social and sporting activity. It can be considered a journey where you can lose yourself in the beauty of the game nurtured within the beauty of the landscape. Even if you are playing poorly - you will still be uplifted and energised by the golf experience.

Three of the legendary architects of the early 20th century; Colt, Braid & Fowler have all had a hand in shaping Aberdovey as it stands today. However, it is the untamed elements of the natural rolling links that has had the greatest role in creating the course.

The exhilarating start to the round sees you introduced at the earliest opportunity to the rustic joys of links golf; tight lies, rolling fairways, undulating approaches, dry-firm surfaces and fast greens are all here in abundance. Holes blend into the dynamic sand dune morphology, its plants and wildlife with elevated tees and greens offering not only spectacular views but the feeling of being in harmony with the environment. The course strategy asks for a variety of shots and infinite creativity. The hazards are numerous, deceptive and sometimes hidden. Like any great links course what you see is often not what you get, but it's never penal. No-matter their skill, each golfer will find their own 'line of charm' for the course. As with the great Scottish links, quirky features abound throughout the course e.g. blind-shots, wooden railway sleepers, the railway itself that skirts the inland portion of the course.

The coastal setting with its ever changing tides and winds ensures that conditions alter on a frequent basis. Club selection is therefore all the more important. You will need every club in the bag - and probably more than one way to play them. Each of four par 3s all face a different direction. You first encounter one of the three par 5s well into the round at the 7th whilst the returning holes enjoy a tempting prospect of two in three holes at the 13th and 15th. There are 9 par 4s that can play over 400 yards but the timely interventions of the short 8th and 16th can set one's score. But it's best not to think of Aberdovey as one big challenge but 71 different adventures which you will undoubtedly want to take again.

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